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Our Partners

We Partner with Only the Best

We work with only the best in the industry to bring you cutting edge products and solutions. Additional promo text here.......

Strategic Partners

We work with a number of active ag service providers, who use our programs and products to support their clients. Have a look through our list below.

If you're interested in becoming a strategic partner/dealer, please contact Jim Gray at (505) 350-8394.

B Square Farms
Plains, TX

Josh Bell -New Way Farms
Imperial, NE

Robert & Blake Schilke

Tuls Dairies -Todd Tuls
Rising City, NE

Mark Short -AX Ranch
Durango, CO

Townsend Farms -Jim Woods
Aztec, NM

Schaffner Farms – Loren Schaffner
Holtville, CA

Thomas Chemical Co -Tom Perkins
Estancia, NM

P 7 Dairy -Cliff Pirtle
Roswell, NM

Schenck Ag LLC – Craig Schenck
Holly, CO

Amber Waves Harvesting – Glenn Hege
Malta, MT

Hege Farms – Neal Hege
Seminole, AL

Hidalgo Farms – Paul Skrak
Pena Blanca, NM

Gabel Farms LLC – Adam Gabel
Stromberg, NE

EcoFert – Steve Hagy
Santa Ana, CA

Biodel Ag

Biodel AG offers a growing number of biological products for crop and livestock production, based upon our proprietary microbial and amino acid ingredients.


Moleaer Nanobubble Technology

Achieve extraordinary improvements in sustainable food production, chemical-free water treatment and the recovery of natural resources with the power of nanobubble technology.

SPS Forage Seed

Non GMO, High Yield, High Nutrition Seed by Sterling Pacific Services. We distribute seed across multiple states throughout the US.


Gantec Inc

We make plant-based products from extremophilic plants that are transforming the way the world grows food for the better. From plant based fertilizer to biopesticides, we use plants, to help plants.

Soil Secrets

Soil Secrets is a green and sustainable New Mexico business that follows the ethics and business code of the Triple Bottom Line, People – Planet – Profit. Soil Secrets is devoted to using the best molecular science and biomimicry for repairing or jump starting a healthy soil.

AgSci Tech

AgSciTech products are based on Technologies, Patents, and Patents Pending in the areas of soil fertility and salinity, plant nutrition, microbiology, natural defense mechanisms, and disease prevention and control.


Healing The Earth

The HTE concept is directly targeted to address major current environmental concerns. Healing the Earth systems can be operated in almost every inhabited area of the planet. Water shortages throughout the U.S., especially in the West, are resulting in decreased tillage and reduced beef and dairy herds. Devastating food shortages are reported around the globe. HTE technology will have profound positive impact on how food is produced, the cost of food production, and the environmental impact of traditional growing methods.


Whether you're a professional turf manager or a proud homeowner, bare or worn turf areas look bad. TurfMend® is the superior quality, easy-to-use, professionally blended turf repair product that makes great turf a breeze!

STS Turf

Sustainable Turf Science, Inc. was started in 2010 with the mission to provide turf managers with advanced technology and improved efficiency of fertilizer applications.

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